Charlecote Park

Memories of the Antiques Roadshow, with nearly 3,000 people coming to Charlecote, will be reviewed when the programme is broadcast next April, showing many interesting items. The Deer Park safaris in October were enjoyed by many who welcomed the chance to get closer to the animals in the park.

The conservation work on the Gatehouse is now well under way and, depending partly on weather, will be completed in about 4 months.

The Bible in 100 Words

Light from dark; Cain and Abel;
Noah's Ark; the Tower of Babel.
Abraham; the Promised Land.
Jacob wrestling in the sand.

Famine, Egypt, Exodus;
Numbers and Leviticus.
Forty years just eating manna:
Moses - hopeless journey planner!

God's commandments, carved in stone;
River Jordan - nearly home...
Canaan full of Philistines:
Joshua smites them, several times.

Ruled by Judges, then by Kings:
A golden age young David brings.

Solomon, temple, Israel's great!
Babylonians at the gate...
Conquest, exile, bitter cup:
Prophets keep the spirits up!

Jesus; Saviour; Christ; Messiah;
Crucified, but rose in glory.
Love, forgiveness, life eternal:
Bible - never-ending story.

Interviewer: “If you could have dinner with any person, living or dead, who would it be?”
Applicant: “The living one.”

For the whole of the winter months, apart from 24/25th December, the grounds open daily from 10am till 4pm and in November/December the house is partly open at weekends from 12 noon till 4pm.

Following a wide consultation involving several hundred people over a number of weeks, it has been decided that dog walking will NOT be allowed in the park. A Sculpture trail, with nine quirky animal sculptures by local artist Stephen Charlton is bringing a smile to visitors throughout the winter. (Look out for the hula hooping hares.)

On 13th November a special raffle with the top prize of a Morgan Car, will be on site, raising money for Croome Court conservation work.

Finally don't forget all the Christmas goodies, from cards to puddings and presents, on sale in the shop.

For further details of opening, events, etc please contact Charlecote Park on 01789 470277 or visit: .


Community Forum

The Forum is a quarterly meeting where county and district officers with local councillors meet with the public in an informal way. Representatives from police, health, highways, education and the fire service usually attend. The meeting is not bound by the usual legal procedural regulations so it has the freedom to raise and deal with a variety of issues.

Recent actions have resulted in the purchase of a speed camera paid for by the police and local parish councils to be used exclusively in our patch. A meeting has been held to investigate how to improve the traffic flow in Wellesbourne on market days especially on bank holidays. The Forum arranged a meeting with the police to see how communication between the police and our patch can be improved. Some very positive ideas were agreed. The Forum has decided four action targets for the next twelve months. They are improving activities for teenagers, building affordable decent housing, providing better public transport and reducing the fear of crime.

The next Forum meeting is at Ratley Village Hall [NOT Radway] on Thursday 2nd December 6.30pm when you can raise private issues with the police and other officials. The public meeting starts at 7pm. If you would like transport I can pass your name to the organisers of the meeting. Hope to see you there.

District Councillor David Close,

Chairman, Wellesbourne and Kineton Forum, 01789 840302,

Wellesbourne Blooms

DVD Review

Cancer is unfortunately not a subject any of us can avoid these days. Adrian Cure, a local man suffering from kidney cancer knows this only too well.

However Adrian has not sat around feeling sorry for himself. He and a trusty band of friends set about raising money for the ‘James Whale Kidney Cancer Fund’.

Their latest enterprise may have raised a few eyebrows, but it's all been jolly good fun and in the best possible taste. A group of brave ladies, seventeen in all, a photographer and local sponsors have collaborated to produce their very own ‘Wellesbourne Blooms’ Calendar, inspired by the original ‘Calendar Girls’.

Not only is there a calendar, but a lively DVD to accompany it. It tells the story of the making of the calendar and the ladies' thoughts and emotions about the project.

We've all seen these ladies around the village doing every day things like walking the dogs. Who hasn't collected a prescription from those nice girls at the Pharmacy, or been served a friendly pint in the Stag's Head? A visit to the Post Office Counter would not be complete without a chat to our village treasure, Karen, a lady who never lets the grass grow under her feet (or under her yellow Morris Minor, for that matter). So what possessed them to shed their clothes and inhibitions in a variety of locations around Wellesbourne and in sometimes inclement weather?

They probably had one glass of wine too many for a start and must have wondered the next day what they had signed up for! However, they had got each other, and a strong sense of community spirit overseen by Helen clearly had a lot to do with it. Above all they wanted to do something positive to help their friend.

The very apt ‘With a little help from my friends’, arranged by James Howard provides a very poignant sound track for the documentary. The photography by David Clarke was sensitively shot. The final result is a tasteful, emotional and witty journey all narrated by the inimitable John Tompkins.

The inevitable question my friends and I asked ourselves is, ‘Would we do it?’ One thing is sure whether we would or we wouldn't we totally applaud the bravery and selflessness of these ladies. I don't know Helen but I'm sure she would have persuaded me. A few glasses of wine would help though.

Hilary Hatcher, Kineton Road

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