I received 32 pictures from the show, of which Mac printed 8, and rather than agonise over which to show and which to leave out, I'm showing all 32, broken into 4 categories:

The Exhibits

Elena and Lucy Aiello's Spoons

Lucy's Egg

Harmonie's Egg

Harmonie's 3 Clown Biscuits


Beauties! 5 Pansies


A slightly disappointing 158 entries were submitted to the Wellesbourne and Walton Horticultural Society’s Spring Show on Saturday April 9th in the Village Hall. It is thought this was because of holidays, and the absence of a few of the regular entrants. And of course the weather played its typically unpredictable part, with the long hard frosts quickly giving way to almost summery heat and dryness.

The Prize Winners

Harmonie Evans gets her Cup

Big Smile from Harmonie!

Harmonie Evans gets her Dosh

Happy girl with her Dosh!

Barbara Lewis on right, who won photography

Sheila McDougald - Cookery Cup Winner

President Wendy Bryan presents Cookery Cup to Sheila McDougald

The Aiello Girls,
Lucy and Elena

The Challenge Cup for Horticulture was again won by David Smith who gained most points overall.

Paula Kerr won the Diploma for Excellence in Horticulture with an outdoor planted container.

The Oldham Cup as well as the Certificate of Merit for Floral Art were both won by Helena Hemming.

The Granville Cup for cookery was won by Sheila McDougald.

Photography again attracted high quality entries. The adult section was won by Barbara Lewis; the children’s by Lucy Robertson.

The children’s classes were a little less strongly contested than usual – probably because of Easter holidays, Winner of the Ken Wheeler Trophy was Harmonie Evans.

The People’s Choice Award for the most popular exhibit in the whole show was won by Paula Kerr for her excellent miniature garden in a seed tray.

The General Mêlée

3 Generations - Aiello girls with Mum & Grandma

Plant Sale Stampede!

Enjoying the Season

Brian and Morag Dowker

Potted Plants

Susan Hodge and Val Griffin

Reading the Judge's Notes

Getting a Closer Look

Waiting for their Raffle Prizes

Comparing Notes

Plant Happiness! Karen Davies and Mum Betty

A Closer Look

Edna and Tony Ankers

The plant sale and the provision of homemade cakes along with the tea and coffee were widely agreed to have been a great success which will be reflected in the financial figures for the show.

The prizes were presented by the Society’s President – Mrs Wendy Bryan – who said the judges had again praised the quality of entries. They were impressed that Wellesbourne’s Show continues to flourish.

This year’s Autumn Show will be on September 3rd.

... and not forgetting The Workers, both front of house and behind the scenes

Liz Street (volunteer) and
Sheelagh Argyle (committee)

Wendy Bryan and Jean Barclay at the Raffle table

Guy Harrison and Eve England distribute the Winnings

Andrew Kerr, Steve England & Maurice Charles man the door.

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