Cottage Garden Hive

Would You Like To Keep Bees?

A lot of people keep bees because they produce honey, one of the healthiest and most natural foods and one which has been valued by man since prehistory as a sweetener. Others keep bees because they are Bee Collecting Dandelion Pollen interested in the study of bees and of their habits; bees are fascinating creatures and there is always something new to learn about them. With no means of dealing with the varroa mite that is now present in all UK honey bee colonies, a feral honey bee nest is unlikely to remain viable for more than a couple of seasons. With the help of beekeepers it is only managed colonies that can survive to carry out the essential pollination our food crops. Beekeeping is an enjoyable open air hobby bringing you in contact with people from all walks of life. Bees can be kept by almost everyone except a very small minority who are allergic to bee stings. We can all, however, play our part in Oxhill Honey supporting the honeybee and other pollinating insects by planting bulbs, shrubs and trees in our gardens – especially varieties that flower early in the year.

Diary Date: 9th March 2013.
One day Introduction to Beekeeping,
Old Free School, Brailes OX15 5HT
Numbers limited – early booking essential.
For further details contact Shipston Beekeepers: 07850 352905.